Google’s ebookstore – named Google eBookstore, as it turns out – has gone live.  Google launched the site with a certain amount of fanfare this morning, discussing the numerous ways in which it offers advantages over existing ebook-buying options.

To start with, Google claims to have the world’s largest ebooks collection, with over three million titles on tap.  What’s more, a post on the Inside Google Books blog noted, “We designed Google eBooks to be open.  Many devices are compatible with Google eBooks – everything from laptops to netbooks to tablets to smartphones to e-readers.”

Then one other trick relates to the portability of ebooks after they’ve been purchased.  The post explained, “With the new Google eBooks Web Reader, you can buy, store and read Google eBooks in the cloud.  That means you can access your ebooks like you would messages in Gmail or photos in Picasa – using a free, password-protected Google account with unlimited ebooks storage.”

Everything from font, font size, and line spacing should even often remain the same when switching between devices, and Google will save readers’ places.

This is an interesting arrangement, sure to impress more than a few people.  Google’s already got some corporate allies, too, with Alibris, Powell’s, and other members of the American Booksellers Association signing on as partners.

Amazon may have reason to get nervous as a result, although Google hasn’t yet disclosed what sort of revenue split on ebook sales is taking place.